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Who we are
2010-02-10 Discussing HR Department Phnom Penh (2).JPGDavid Butcher & Associates (DBA) operates as a hub of independent, senior, highly skilled and experienced consultants.  We work primarily with people we have worked alongside on previous projects and know their work to be of the highest standards.

DBA has more than 20 years of experience consulting with clients on ways to promote economic growth and meet people’s needs for economic and social capacity development.   

DBA’s principal consultant is the Hon David Butcher, a trained economist who served in the New Zealand Parliament for 12 years, six as a Minister.  
His time in office coincided with massive changes in support for land based industries, restructuring of the nation’s finances, major changes in tax regimes (including the introduction of a value-added tax, deregulation and corporatisation of formerly government owned utility businesses such as telecoms, electricity, ports, railways, airlines and many more.
As Parliamentary Under-secretary for Agriculture, Lands and Forests and subsequently as Minister of Energy, Associate Finance and Trade and Industry, David was in the forefront of change and advocated strongly for modernisation of New Zealand.